Who said this is a man’s world? Certainly not God. God loves women and loves to empower His daughters to live happy, successful lives.

In fact, God describes His idea of the model woman in Proverbs 31. Author Scarlett Stephenson admits that initially she considered the “virtuous woman” of Proverbs 31 an outdated cliché, out of touch with today’s woman in almost every way. Then God caused her to see this model woman as never before. And through this book, Scarlett escorts women on a verse-by-verse journey of Proverbs 31 to discover the ideal woman is actually a smart, strong, independent, physically fit, wealthy entrepreneur and generous philanthropist.

Now it’s your turn to slip into the shoes (high heels, of course) of the model woman and become more beautiful inside and out, and full of strength and character to impact the world around you.